Phood's software was developed to make it easy for foodservice professionals to track and manage the food that is wasted in their kitchens. As data is collected, our software helps us provide clients with actionable insights on how, where, and when they can reduce. These waste reductions manifest themselves in decreases in the purchasing costs, labor costs, carbon footprint, and overall environmental impact of our clients.



Our tracker was developed to make the process of recording waste as straightforward and un-invasive as possible. Its sleek and modern design makes it extremely easy to use and understand. Kitchen staffs are often surprised with how quick the process really is. We have seen that each entry can be done in less than 15 seconds!

The tracker works by populating the home page with the menu items of whatever meal is taking place at that time of day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). When a staff member wishes to make an entry, they need simply select on the screen the item they wish to track, and place that item on the scale. They will then be able to input the weight of the item, choose whether it is being discarded or repurposed, and choose the reason it is being discarded or repurposed. The vast majority of the time an item is being put on the scale, it is due to overproduction. Other options on the tracker include “expired”, “spoilage”, and “quality”.



A suite of food waste management tools at your fingertips. Our dashboard has been designed to be extremely intuitive and simple to comprehend. We provide our clients with across-the-board reports showing them how much they are wasting, when they are wasting it, and how they can cut back. We provide a multitude of reports that can be accessed directly by the user, or can be sent via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Waste Reduction in 3 Steps:


1. Track

See daily, weekly, and monthly trends. Performance by individual dining units.

2. Insights

All of your waste records conveniently stored in one place. Set date range and download.

3. Action

Sign-up for email or in-dashboard notifications to monitor waste anytime, anywhere.

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