Phood's software makes it easy for foodservice professionals to manage the food that is wasted in their kitchens. With the data collected, our software provides actionable insights on how, where, and when waste can be reduced. This leads to decreases in the purchasing and labor costs and the overall environmental impact of food production.


Kitchen staff professionals are often surprised with how easy our waste tracking process really is.

There are just a few steps. First, place an item on a scale to weigh it. Then select the item on our waste tracker, which has already loaded in that kitchen's menus for that day. Next, enter how much of that item is being actioned (discarded, repurposed, donated, etc.) and the reason that item is being tracked (typically from overproduction). This process typically only takes about 15 seconds per item!



Our dashboard is designed to be intuitive and easily digestible. We provide our clients with reports showing how much is being wasted, when those items are being wasted, and how to cut back.

These reports can be accessed directly by the user on our dashboard, in addition to weekly emails we send out to highlight areas where waste can be reduced.


Waste Reduction in 3 Steps:

1. Track

See daily, weekly, and monthly trends. Performance by individual dining units.

2. Insights

All of your waste records conveniently stored in one place. Set date range and download.

3. Action

Sign-up for email or in-dashboard notifications to monitor waste anytime, anywhere.